About Me

I am an artist by nature, but took the plunge into tech at 27. I am now a mobile application

I took the plunge into tech at 27 after working mainly in retail, sales, and insurance, and finished Bachelor’s degree in Software Development with an emphasis on Mobile Application. I am currently working in software, but furthering my skills as an Android Developer. I am President of a local women’s developer group and also founder of Moms In Tech Slack channel where I get to help and connect women all over the world to help each other succeed.

I’m also an artist so my life revolves around being creative! Whether it be drawing, painting, crocheting, digital art, photography.. It feeds my soul. I am a big health and fitness nerd as well. You can usually catch me reading a new book, lifting weights, cooking up a new recipe, trying a new ice cream, or learning something new. I am a lifelong learner and my interests are multifaceted. I will probably write about these things too.

This is my personal blog sharing tips and tricks I learn along the way that are usually omitted in agnostic code snippets. This blog is also a record of what I am working on and how my coding progress is evolving. I am passionate about health, fitness, cooking, wellness, and ice cream and will probably write about those things, too, because I have too many things I am interested in.

You can find me on Twitter @elyseis or Medium @esegebart.